Business throughout Europe

09/2017 – 09/2019


The current project is focused on establishing three fictional companies in three different European countries, through the mutual cooperation of schools. The participants of the project are groups of second-year students, who will work on setting up a business, creating a business plan. It is two-year long project.



Participants of the project:

CZECH REPUBLIC - EDUCA - Secondary vocational school, s.r.o., Nový Jičín
SLOVAK REPUBLIC - Business Academy, Lučenec
FRANCE – Lyceé Proffesional Viviani, Epinal


The aim of the project is to exchange experience with classmates from abroad, during the four meetings. The kick off meeting will be in Nový Jičín (November 2017), the second project week in Epinal (April 2018) and another one in Lučenec (October 2018). The final conference is planned in Nový Jičín (April 2019).



Students will mainly work on a fictional companies, but they will also introduce their country, school and business issues in their state during the whole project. Students will design and create their own logo and website. Also the lectures and discussion with major entrepreneurs, excursion to significant enterprises and cultural activities are included during the whole mobilities..

The results of their work and the final business plans will be presented by individual schools (groups) at the final conference..


Because this is an international cooperation …

…All meetings and communications will be done in English. Thus, the final business plan will be in English and in the national language.


Benefit of the project

- Expanding and improving knowledge in business
- Connection the theory and practice
- Improvement of communication and organizational capabilities
- Establishing contacts with peers from abroad
- Meeting and respecting other cultures and differences




Logo of project


For our website and the whole project, we also selected a logo through the logo competition. Every school made one design and through the competition we choose the best one. The winning design was made by French students. Congratulation.